We Support
Climate Projects

Including reforestation & carbon reduction efforts


The Earth is one of a kind and with all the amazing things within it, we take great responsibility in making sure with our growing brand and business practices, we do as much as possible to grow sustainably and give back to the planet.

We support responsible tree planting

Every Order Helps


All of our packaging is recyclable, our delivery service is fully carbon offset and although our LED neons use plastic within the product, we recycle all acrylic offcuts making sure no materials go to waste.

An Offset Commitment


When growing our brand, we are always looking for ways to improve our sustainability and be more eco-friendly. We also know there's a lot more ways we can help not just the planet but the people in it. As we grow we'll have more resources to aid in other social and ecological projects.

Together we can improve the world we live in whilst helping people create amazing and inspiring spaces.