Curated special to get you started

Every business started somewhere...

As a company that is passionate about creating inspiring spaces, we also know that a lot of our customers are also on their own journey with creating new businesses and side-hustles.

We are in the process of building a community and business rich resources area with the goal of helping people get started and develop from the early stages of business and passion projects.

We've curated a list of amazing tools that we personally use and recommend to get you started, until our resources area is finished.

Websites & E-Commerce

The obvious place to start.

Shopify - Create an online store

Our store, the one you're on now, is built with Shopify. It's an amazing platform to get started super quickly with extremely low startup costs. It's also highly secure and has a huge library of apps that integrate well to start a professional service.

You can start with a no obligation 14 day free trial and plans start from as little as $29 USD per month. The basic plan is more than enough for most starters.

Teachable - Sell online courses

Maybe you don't sell physical products but instead want to sell your knowledge. Online courses are very popular and Teachable is the perfect tool to get your course out there.

Teachable isn't just a way to sell your courses. Not only can you sell your courses by subscription or one-time pricing but Teachable is also a tool to build your courses from start to finish and host them.

You can also sign up for free to explore all of its features. It's hands down our go-to service for courses.

Namecheap - Domain names & email

We always recommend Namecheap when asked about domain names. If you're a new customer you can usually get a .com or domain name for a few £.

They also provide free privacy with all domain names (where applicable) and are super easy to use.

Ecologi - Eco initiatives

You probably already know we're huge on sustainability and giving back to the planet. We already plant one tree for every item purchased with us.

Ecologi are the working machine behind that! We are partnered with them to carbon offset our entire workforces.

If this is a cause you'd love to support with your business, Ecologi will plant 10 trees just for signing up! The plans start at £5.20 per month, and that really does go further than you might think.

Stay Organised

Fail to prepare and prepare to fail. Staying organised is a key part of any business and these are some super cool tools we use to run the show.

Google Workspace

The great thing about Google is their Workspace subscription comes with a ton of benefits.

You'll get access to your own custom business email, over 30GB of Google Drive storage and loads more great tools for as little as $6 USD per month. That's a lot of bang for your buck.

Psst.. Use the codes below for 10% off your first year:
Starter Plan:
Standard Plan:
PAY4K6976CLMMKX - Social media scheduling

We highly recommend for anyone who's looking for a quick and free way to start scheduling their social media posts. has by far the best free plans out there. You can link up to 3 social accounts and post up to 30 times to EACH ONE per month for free.

They also have some really cool premium features that will make running your social media a breeze so check them out!

You can also use our link below to get 10 extra posts per month on the free plan. It's a no brainer!

ClickUp - Task Management

One app to replace them all, is how they describe their tool. ClickUp is an easy to use tool for project management, time-tracking, planning, task tracking, spreadsheets, documents and so much more.

They offer a free forever plan that has access to most features and is more than enough for most to get started. ClickUp is also very good when growing teams, keeping track of complex timelines and getting the jobs done!

Business Creation

It can be confusing knowing how to setup a business and what you need.
Here are some essential resources.

Starling - Business banking

Business bank accounts can be scary but if you're serious about your venture, they're a must! They keep your money organised and separated from your own personal accounts.

Starling, in our humble opinion, is one of the best as they're free to setup, completely online and super easy to use.

Signing up via us means they'll plant a tree for you too. How sweet is that!


Register Your Business

It's a good idea to check the UK company registry when started any business to make sure the company name you are looking for isn't taken!

If it's available you'll need to register. In the UK there are various different business models you can register your business as but LTD (limited liability) is the most common.

Always do your own research to figure out what model is best for you and your business model.


Wise - International Banking

If you're running a business that takes payment in multiple currencies, you need to check out Wise (formerly TransferWise).

They allow you to open a domestic bank account in a number of different currencies allowing you to take payment in those currencies.

The benefit of doing this is a HUGE saving on currency exchange rates when converting back to your base currency. Over time you could save thousands.


Mockups & Content Creation

With any business you're going to want to create content. This might be for marketing ads, product images or social media posts. Here's a few awesome resources to help you out.

Fiverr - Freelance Services

Fivrr is a one-stop shop for hundreds of freelance services. When time is tight or you're working to a budget, there's always someone to help you with your project.

Whatever your idea is - We're here to help


We would love to be able to talk about everything above in far more detail... and we will! Just not yet.

We're super busy building a dedicated resource area where we'll go into depth with:

- Recommended products & services
- How to use them
- Business tips
- Helpful guides

And much much more, all for free. So make sure you come back and check it out when it's live.