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May 19
Recent Changes To Artivation | Artivation

Thank you!

Here at Artivation we thank you all for your support so far. We've had an enormous amount of positive feedback and growth in this last month despite the hardships of the current global situation. With that has come a few things that we've realised need improving.

Why Things Are Changing:

Over the last few month along side the waves of positive messages, we have also had some really great critical feedback on things that needed ironing out. We've always done our best to supply you with an amazing quality artwork at the lowest possible price. On reflection of our processes we've implemented a lot of things to prevent damage, speed up our order processing and improve the quality of the product.

In doing so, with a heavy heart, we have decided to increase the pricing across most of our collections to ensure that we are able to sustainably make these changes and supply you with the best possible service and product.

These price increases are not substantial but we are an open and honest brand and so always want to let you know about the decisions we make!

So What's Changed?

Some things that have been improved include:

  • Packaging improvements
  • Internal order processing systems
  • Hanging kits for Foamex and dibond aluminium orders (coming soon)
  • Customer support ticketing systems
  • Supplier response times

These are a few of the main changes that we've been busy making. Our operational, production and running costs have increased considerably in doing so, but we feel it's worth it! Our systems are much better now and we will keep on improving. We now have room for growth and so we can offer a much better service and end product.

Continued Improvements

We are always striving to improve our company and what we offer you and we believe we can continue to do so with no further price movements. Again, we thank you for the continued support.

Keep hustling!

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