New Website! | Artivation

New Website!

The changes are subtle but they're also moving us forwards in a big way!

Recently we've updated the website to a fresh new style. It follows the previous design closely but with important changes to the way in which you explore making it easier for you to find the designs that you love.


Updates to how you explore...

The main update is to the search functionality which is far more inclusive and helpful with broader and incomplete search terms. This should help you find the right thing!

Another change was made to the catalog area where you can now see an improved filtering system and collection list to make sure you don't miss anything you might love.

All these changes have been made based on feedback from our customers and so we're sure you'll find using the website much easier.


More than just a store...

We've also got some big plans coming soon for a new business resource area. Our vision for Artivation is not just to be another store, but also to help you on your way in life. A lot of our customers are entrepreneurial and career minded and so we are creating a knowledge bank to make the world of business feel less daunting and manageable.